Thursday, February 16, 2012

London Exhibition opens tonight....

I have this photo from my book out later in the year exhibiting in a group show in London tonight. From the looks of it I'm in good company! Some heavy hitters on the roster here... Huge thanks to John and Cosimo ay Labyrinth for all their help with my Prints over Christmas. These guys do such an amazing job. If you are in the London town click here for more info (

Labyrinth Photographic Printing will proudly mark its first anniversary of trading with their exhibition ‘A Year In Development’, dedicated to celebrating the continuance and diversity of analogue photography and traditional methods of print.

Founded by John McCarthy, Cosimo d’Aprano and Jeremy Ramsden, Labyrinth Photographic is a traditional film-based darkroom dedicated to the craft of fine printing. Their aim is not only to preserve printing skills but also developing new and bespoke methods to suit their clients’ creative requirements.

The salon-style show will pay tribute to the varied work of 50 of Labyrinth’s talented clients, displaying a selection of beautifully hand-printed photographs shot solely using film since the birth of Labyrinth a year ago.