Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Got some new work published with London Mag /- (SLASHSTROKE) Really delighted with the layout David Poole did on this and the shoot with Aisling Farinella (Stylist) and Grace (model) was deadly craic. Our brief was basically to just go drive to Belfast for a day and let ourselves get lost and disorientated (which we did very successfully...) Go have a gander here: http://www.slashstrokemagazine.com/issue_004/index.php

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New News...

Here is the teaser video from the Format Perspective film by Phil Evans that premieres in Berlin this July. Carhartt are also making what looks to be a really nice book in conjunction with the documentary. Was away shooting in London all weekend and managed to fit in loads of personal work, two birthday parties, two random moments of bumping into old friends in weird unlikely places, 1 death metal gig and I also got shoot a portrait with Irish actor Cillian Murphy who was as sound as they come.

Format Perspective Preview - Richard Gilligan from Philip Evans on Vimeo.