Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Harry Callahan.....

"Harry Callahan's technical photographic method was to go out almost every morning, walk the city he lived in and take numerous pictures. He then spent almost every afternoon making proof prints of that day's best negatives. Yet, for all his photographic acitivity, Callahan, at his own estimation, produced no more than half a dozen final images a year..." I find this fascinating/inspiring/confusing. What a legend? I've been a huge Harry Callahan fan for years now so just wanted to let the world know about this mans magic.

London Bare Bones Exhibition....

I've got a photo in the bare bones exhibition/magazine launch next week in london town. fair play to all fellow bare boners and huge thanks to harry ( and niall ( for asking me to be part of this... good work gentlemen.

Domino Records...

went for a browse on the domino website this morning and was delighted to see they are using some of the photos i shot with villagers a while back. the album is due out on 24th of may. really looking forward to checking it out. fair play to you conor.... the world is yours! also check out this amazing new video directed by the talented ferry gouw which you can watch here:

Drawers exhibition...

Friday, March 19, 2010


In "Les Souvenirs Sont Cors de Chasse" Jocko Weyland will exhibit
photographs of empty skateboard ramps and pools, skateboarders on board and
not, mannequins of 17th and 18th Century soldiers, details of 1980s-era
hardcore and punk record covers, and one picture of a lone female pedestrian
in Beijing. Comprised of color and black and white images taken over a
fifteen-year span, a loosely knit motif of explicit and fabricated
portraiture depicting both objects and people emerges through the "hunting
horns" of memory in the shows title, which comes by way of Apollinaire¹s
poignant evocation of the ephemeral nature of remembrance.Hunting Horns

Our story is noble and tragic
As the mask of a tyrant
No perilous magic drama
Not a single indifferent detail
Renders our love pathetic

And Thomas de Quincey drinking
Opium sweet chaste poison
To his poor Anne went dreaming
Let¹s pass on pass on since it all passes on
I will turn back often

Memories are hunting horns
Whose sound dies out along the wind

Guillaume Apollinaire, 1913

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Belfast 2002...

A few oldies taken from contacts sheets i found recently which were shot for the second ever issue of kingpin mag... featured here is dlynn, clynn, a baby faced bernie rea and media whore niall neeson.