Tuesday, December 09, 2008

salthill benches

old contact sheet found during a recent move. shot on my first medium format camera which was an ancient rolleiflex from poland my dad picked up for me. shot at the then "new spot" of the benches overlooking dublin bay in salthill. that seemed to be all we skated that summer. faces are jeremy evans, rob benson and a cameo from irish legend paul mckeane in the bottom left hand corner pictured smoking on an overturned wheel barrow next to the quarry skatepark in kilkenny.


Thursday, December 04, 2008

money, hoes and shows... all a nigga knows....

ive got work in 2 shows over the next week. one opens in dublin tonight in versus shop/gallery at the bottom of cows lane which is all about alleviating self doubt. no doubt. no doubt. true. true. the other is a collaboation of some amazing artists and the mind/skills of a screenprinting master called stu. he is a serious legend. go stu! french is having one of his drawing screen printed with real pigs blood for the show which sounds tasty. stu had to go to this huge meat market in london at 4am last night to buy the blood from some shady butcher. i hope some vegetarian jazzer buys it.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

one day international

on perhaps one of the nicest days of the summer of 2008 i met up with dublin based band "one day international" and shot a bunch of photos which they ended up using for the artwork on their debut album called blackbird which is out now. it was such a cool day floating down the liffey with them and getting lost in random woodlands. i recently heard the album and it sounds deadly so go check them out:


cheers eimear, matt, cormac, danny and rosco.