Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dublin show opens thurs 3rd august.....(BE THERE)

just started getting everything framed and its looking deadly! fos is up drinking pints of strong coffee listening to black metal finishing his painting as we speak ,should be arriving on my doorstep on tuesday. wig has also come through at the last minute and his prints are currently en route from the new town of milton keynes.

hopefully see you there! all our welcome.... (had a sneak preview of the up and coming dublin article in septembers kingpin mag and it looks amazing. finally dublin is getting the coverage it deserves!)

"UNITS MOVED" opening night photos... (part 1)

"UNITS MOVED" opening night photos...

the exhibiton opened last thurs night in london and it was amazing. big thanks to wig, ian and badger for having me invloved....
take a look at for more info

Thursday, July 27, 2006

London Exhibition opens tonight....

28 July - 12 August

Units Moved is a group exhibition curated by Rich Holland, Iain Borden and Wig Worland. Artists include:
Kathy Barber
Nic Clear
Peter J Evans
Richard Gilligan
Sam Griffin
Alex Hartley
Richard Holland (The Side Effects of Urethane)
Toby Paterson
Sem Rubio
Toby Shuall (The Side Effects of Urethane)
Wig Worland

Units Moved explores re-appropriations of urban space in the work of eleven different artists. Some pieces relate to specific places, such as Toby Paterson’s interpretations of modernist tower blocks and Sam Griffin’s reconstruction of Nazi plans for Jersey, while others explore how we design, draw, write and remember, including new video work by Alex Hartley, and a site-specific installation by Kathy Barber.

The art collective, The Side Effects of Urethane, will be exhibiting two ‘Moving Unit’ sculptures for skateboarders, one new and one used. There will also be new skatable sculptures being installed at the The South Bank Centre, in the Undercroft area. These are being made from solid stone and will be usable / viewable by all as part of this show.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


OCIO site launch.... is now alive and kicking!
go have peek its a thing of beauty featuring the work of a wide range of talented irish creatives including me....

"sharon curelys up the pole....."

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mongrel AD...

this ad will be in the next issue of mongrel
sure while we're at it go have a look at the magic that is


this is the back of a ticket stub that has been sitting by the mirror in my parents bathroom for as long as i can remember. its from a lionel richie concert they went too in madison square gardens in NYC in 1986. i love it, think it looks deadly! yeah apart from reminiscing about dancing on the ceiling lately what else has been going on? the exhibition is coming on strong.... some great work in it. ill post up the ad that will be in next months mongrel here soon. skated new lucan park, its class! formed a new band with the legend that is "aog" and linz foley called "the tourettes". jezza is our manager and triangle player so you better recognize we are on the verge of blowing up this summer. T-money has been hanging out with gnarly hairy hells angels in south central L.K (lusk). and i highly recommend the mandarin flavor kerry spring sparkling water.... its good stuff