Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Public Domaine Exhibition Paris

I am exhibiting some new work as part of a group show in Paris which opens this coming sat the 18th June. More info below:

L'INSTANT DÉCISIF (The decisif moment) - At R+4

The decisive moment is the last space dedicated to photography. It is Thrasher magazine, the incontestable American Bible of world skateboarding's photography, which attempts to trace the passage between the past and the future via a collage, presenting a retrospective of iconic clichés on the occasion of its... thirty years of radical and uncompromising publication. More than just a magazine, Thrasher dictates the worldwide canons of anti-commercial skateboarding and has been grinding, its "skate and destroy" image. "Skate and Destroy" presents pictures by Bryce Kanights, Mofo, Kevin Thatcher, Luke Ogden, Rhino,Michael Burnett, Patrick O’Dell, Ed Templeton, Jerry Hsu, David Broach, Gabe Morford…
To counterbalance this hard-hitting anti-image, the invited photographers are not afraid to take skateboarding photography and skateboarding in general to new frontiers. Using 15 flat screens of different sizes to create a moving portfolio, each artist presents a series on this ephemeral picture rail and works around an invisible frontier: the one between the venerable medium that is photography and its presentation on the most modern displays possible. With Jon Mehring, Cédric Viollet, Brian Gaberman,Taro Hirano, Sem Rubio, Dan Boulton, Benjamin Deberdt, Patrick O'Dell, Deeli, Eric Antoine, Travis Dove, Rich Gilligan, Bertrand Trichet, Buzzy Sullivan, Sergej Vutuc, Fred Mortagne, Gus Duarte, Giovanni Reda, Davy Van Laere, Atiba Jefferson, Sam Ashley...

More info here: http://www.gaite-lyrique.net/en/programmation/theme/public-domaine

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