Friday, November 12, 2010

Tobias Zielony...

When I went for my interview to get onto the Documentary Photography degree in Newport my flight was booked by Mam in a travel agents on Abbey Street. Booking a flight online was still unheard of back then. The day before I was due to travel I got beaten up and had a tenner stolen from my pocket on my way home to my parents house from the Blanchardstown centre where I had walked especially to buy a copy of Thrasher magazine for my big day trip to Wales. So I arrived in Newport, with a split lip, a grazed face and a few bruises. I showed my portfolio to Clive Landen and a quiet German student called Tobias. They asked me some questions about my work and what photography I liked and then on my way out Clive asked me what had happened my face. I explained the story to them and a few weeks later received a letter in the post offering me a place on the course. I was never sure if they actually liked my work or if they just felt sorry for me because I looked such a state? Either way I got in and I couldn't have been happier. Turns out that the Tobias who interviewed me has gone on to make some incredible work which I discovered last Thursday in his book "Story/No Story" published by Hatje Cantz. Hunt it down and get inspired.

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