Friday, March 06, 2009

things & stuff...

hi there. its been a while since i blogged. lots of happenings since we last spoke. i shot a full series of ad's for 3 mobile last month which was really nice to work on. also finally finished all the artwork for david kitt's new album "the nightsaver" which is dropping next month and sounds banging. also shot a fashion editorial for totally dublin with aisling farinella that should be out in a week or so. it was a good laugh shooting it - all on the northside, along the train tracks and canal from broombridge to coolmine and we even got my ma involved to help out with tasty sambo's and home-made soup for the whole gang. thanks ma! oh yeah and i also re-did my website with the lovely lads at conor&david ( so go check it: (apologies for the amount of "also's" in this message)

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