Thursday, January 15, 2009

the state of yeh...

New issue of State Mag is out now on the shelves of an interweb near you ( I'm sad to say it but the printed version of the Mag is no longer with us (R.I.P)... BUT! The Mag ain't dead, far from it. They are going fully online where you will be able to download the mag as a environmentally friendly PDF every month for free and we know how you like free things. The new issue is really nice and I was lucky enough to get to shoot a bunch of features in it and the main cover shot too which I'm hyped on it. Big up to all the O.G State crew: Simon, Feargal, Phil, Roger, John and Nialler... Its been a pleasure. Let's keep her lit. Also worth mentioning is the amazing dizzying talent of cover heart-throb and all-round sound head Conor O'Brien and his band "Villager's". Here's one of their first performances together: ( It's magic.

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