Tuesday, January 13, 2009


i was looking though old negs today and i found this shot of me and the infamous "Q-Man" shot on st. patricks day 2004 (hard to believe its nearly 5 years ago)this was taken while i was working on a documentary about the legendary burnside skatepark in portland, oregon. it was one of the most enjoyable projects i've ever worked on and im planning on going back there this year to shoot again. Q was a lunatic, i had first seen him in an amazing film by rick and buddy called "the fruit of the vine" and one day when i turned up at burnside to skate/shoot he was there and i freaked out and called up my friend bruce back home in ireland from a payphone on the street to tell him "fucking Q-man is here!!!...". Turned out Q's real name was patrick and his family were originally from tipperary so once he found out i was irish he wouldnt leave me alone, id be skating around the park and next thing if i did a grind i'd hear him screaming "buy that man a jameson dude!!!!". he then tried to convince me to jump on a freight train to seatle with him but thats another story altogether... click on the title of this to watch him in action.

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