Thursday, September 20, 2007

new news...

well well well... lets see, lots of visitors as of late and lots of time skating and photographing on the road around the many concrete parks poping up left right and centre. keep em' coming i say. so yeah our lovely hotel in glasnevin has hosted the uk creature team, a small portion of the death team and the euro duffs team thrown in the mix too- all in the past month so our couch has been getting a lot of love as of late. if only that couch could talk? maybe its best that it cant, but the weird springy noises it sometimes make are becoming a lot more frequent these days. fair play to ya couch, i have to admit i wasnt too sure about you when we first met but i have really grown to love you over the past year. oh yeah and heres a photo of my good pal donny when i met him at electric picnic. someone once described donnys attire to me like this- "you know in old cartoons when someone would fall off the top of a building and fall through loads of washing lines on the way down and end up in the strangest mix of clothes...." well thats how our donny look all the time.

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