Wednesday, August 09, 2006

SQUARE ONE opening: chi chic- Blaow!!!

this photo pretty much sums up the night. crowds came, krombacher was consumed, art was sold, heads were sore. all in all, it couldnt have gone better, thanks to everyone who showed up, laughed loud and made the night one to remember. big special thanks to solen (for beautiful music), mongrel, candy, habitat, slap, kingpin, greg@ krombacher (legend!), G1, unthink, bruce (for coming from kerry!), jerome and michelle (for coming from wales!), farmer, paytorrr, coldrick, nob, phil, louisa, ma, da and all at monstertruck.... (NO THANKS TO THE GARDAI FOR SHUTTING US DOWN, ESPECIALLY THE SHORT-ARSE ONE WITH A SERIOUS CHIP ON HIS SHOULDER)


Gibbo said...

Background props!



Richard Gilligan said...

nice one andrew....! shame there aint no B.G.P 's of your sorry ass getting dragged out of hogan's by the bouncers after you decided it was time to pull your own pints.... "long live the gibbo!"